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Graduate Opportunities

Do you have a passion for space and satellite technologies?

PACElab could be the perfect place for you to pursue graduate studies!

          We are always looking for students to join our PACElab members. All of our graduate students are from Department of Electrical Engineering or Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at NCKU. So, to join our lab, you need to be admitted to graduate study in one of these Departments.

          As a graduate student member of our lab, your opportunities are limited only by your drive and imagination. Through interactions with team members from a variety of nationalities and fields, you get a first-rate education in basic research and the problem-solving abilities necessary for a career in academics or industry. You will also have opportunity to attend both domestic and international conferences, and have some publications in well-respected scientific journals before you graduate.

          Most of our past graduate students have gone on to pursue exciting careers in either the space and satellite technologies or related fields of study. Students that have worked in our laboratory are employed as research scientists and staffs at universities, prestigious companies and space agencies.

For more information about graduate opportunities, please contact our Professor.

For international students admissions, please refer to this website : https://admissions.oia.ncku.edu.tw/

Internship Opportunities

Having internship in universities?! Why not?

          PACElab opens internship opportunities for students interested in space and satellite technologies. As an intern in our lab, you can collaborate with our team members to accomplish certain tasks related to our current projects. You can also bridge the gap between theoretical study and the professional world since we are designing our real satellites that will be truly launched in space. This can be a valuable experience for you before doing your professional job after graduation.

Usually, interns come to our lab during the summer vacation (July-September), but the duration of the internship can vary depending on each students.

For more information about internship opportunities, please contact our Professor.

Topic on Control System for Undergraduate Students

Are you still confused about which field you want to learn more in your future?

Or you want to know more about satellites?

Come to our lab and give it a try!

          Topic on Control System is an elective course provided for junior and senior students in Electrical Engineering Department, NCKU to build knowledge and experiences about control system in depth. Every undergraduate students are welcomed to join our lab for this course.

Some benefits of taking this course in our lab:

- Establish solid professional knowledge -

          Undergraduate students in our lab will be educated in professional knowledge and equipped with the ability to innovate, analyze, design, and practice, in order to develop professional knowledge in Electrical Engineering, especially in the satellite technologies.

- Enhance teamwork skills -

          Undergraduate students in our lab will have opportunities to interact with their seniors from differs nationalities and backgrounds. Students can choose topics about satellite subsystems which they are interested for and seniors will assist the students during their learning progress. Students are also encouraged to join our meetings and express their own opinions. Thus, students' communication skills will be significantly improved as well as their abilities in English.

For more information about entering this course in our lab, please contact our Professor.