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The PHOENIX satellite is a double CubeSat that is being developed at NCKU as a part of the QB50 mission which is to deploy a network of CubeSats in a string-of-pearl configuration as depicted for multi-poin.

The PHOENIX mission is to fulfill the in-situ lower thermosphere measurement mission and to measure solar EUV flux and the measurement of the solar EUV flux will augment the QB50 mission.

The task of the NCKU team is to design, assemble, integrate, test, and operate the PHOENIX double CubeSat to accommodate the following payloads for atmospheric studies.

  • Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer (INMS)
  • Solar extreme ultraviolet (seuv) sensors.

PHOENIX structure

RF Information

Downlink 436.915 MHz
Modulation GMSK
Call Sign ON01TW
Maximum Power 1W

PHOENIX Beacon Format

The detail of PHOENIX beacon is in the following table

  • The blue blank is kiss mode (tnc) protocol.
  • The red blank is AX.25 protocol.
  • The green blank is CCSDS header.
  • The orange blank is beacon data.
Byte Context Description
0 C0 Kiss(TNC) mode (frame end)
1 00 TNC port
2-8 9C 86 96 AA 8E A6 E0 Destination address (NCKUGS)
9-15 9E 9C 60 62 A8 AE 61 Source address (ON01TW)
16 03 Control bits
17 F0 Protocol identifier
18 00 Frame identification
19 5C Master frame count (counter)
20 5C Virtual channel frame count (counter)
21 00 First header pointer
22-23 08 0A Packet ID
24-26 DB DC 5C Packet sequence control #because of kiss mode of TNC, the DB DC actually are C0, so the Packet sequence is C0 5C
27-28 00 12 Packet length (actually data length-1, and beacon data length is 19)
29 10 Spare (0) + TM source packet (001) + spare (0000)
30 03 Service type (beacon is 3)
31 19 Service subtype (beacon is 25)
32-36 1F FB 04 2A 00 Time
37 FE SID (beacon is 254)
38 04 Mode
39 FF Battery voltage
40 FF Battery current
41 FF 3.3 bus current
42 EE 5 bus current
43 AB Communication board temperature
44 FF EPS board temperature
45 FF Battery temperature
46-47 A5 F6 Packet error control
48 03 Frame status
49 C0 Kiss(TNC) mode (frame end)