IRIS Project

IRIS project was approved and funded by MoST, Taiwan in Mid of 2018. IRIS project team consists of NCKU, NCNU, AFATS, Liscotech, LETSCOM, and NSPO. Project Objectives is to design, develop, launch, and operate two CubeSat, called as IRIS-A and IRIS-B, in low earth orbit. Each of them has different mission purpose and equipped the payload developed by cooperated partner. They would share the same bus design to speed up development time. In 2020, the IRIS team adds IRIS-C into IRIS project as project expansion.

Project Organization

NCKU team

  • System engineering
  • Bus system development & AIT
  • IoT payload development

NCNU team

  • Intelligence remote sensing payload


  • Fault tolerant ADCS design


  • Intelligence remote sensing payload


  • IoT payload


  • Optical lens design and GPS receiver